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      The Uses of History in the Beginning of the Novohispanic Counter-insurgence: Manuel Abad y Queipo and Manuel Ignacio González del Campillo [1]
      The Urban Frankenstein: Ecologists, Urban Planners and Engineers Facing the Hydrological Crisis in Mexico City in the Middle of the 20th Century [1]
      The road from the “antituberculosis armory” to the Huipulco Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Mexico City, 1920-1940 [1]
      The Restoration in New Spain: War, Regime Changes and Militarization in New Spain, 1814-1820 [1]
      The reconfiguration of timein historiographic narration by Paul Ricoeur [1]
      The reconfiguration of time in historiographic narration by Paul Ricoeur [1]
      The problem of historical truth: a reading from hermeneutic phenomenology [1]
      The Poetics of History as Irony: Constructivism, Observation and Reflexive Value [2]
      The patients and their diagnosis at La Castañeda General Asylum. An approach from quantitative history (Mexico, 1910-1968) [2]
      The Mexican connection: Cárdenas, Roosevelt and the Spanish Civil War [1]
      The last coups. Comparative analysis of the deposition of the viceroys of New Spain and Peru in 1821 [1]
      The Effects of a New Boundary: Indians, Mexicans, and North Americans and the Border Established After the Mexican-American War [1]
      THE DESIRED CITY: Urban space, emotions and social segregation in the real estate advertising of the city of mexico (1940 - 1970) [1]
      The Cultural Cold War in the Third World: The Congress for Cultural Freedom in Mexico and India [1]
      The Conformation of Mexico City's Banking Firms During the Independence Era [1]
      The commercialization of fatherhood in Mexican graphic advertising (1930-1960) [1]
      Teoría e historia: los signos de una transformación. Observaciones a propósito del diálogo entre historiadores [1]
      Un tema por explorar: los bancos hipotecarios del período porfiriano [1]
      El teatro guiñol, la televisión mexicana y la educación para la salud a mediados del siglo XX [1]
      Teaching history of childhood to children: why? [1]